Bitcoin Returns To Thailand

Bank of Thailand officially authorized exchanger Bitcoin Co. Ltd. change the Thai baht on Bitcoin.

Largest exchanger cryptocurrency Thailand Bitcoin Co. Ltd. Officially reopen on 15 February. Earlier, his legal status was very shaky – in late 2013 exchange and the Department of Thailand policy found most illegal activities related to the Bitcoin, including trade, exchange and transfer. This effectively meant a ban cryptocurrency in Thailand.

31 January exchanger received a letter from the Bank of Thailand, and even published his scan . The letter explains that, following further investigation it was found out that the exchange transactions with Bitcoin does not fall under the regulation of the Ministry of Finance, if the exchange also offers foreign currency.

Exchanger Bitcoin Co. Ltd. It announced that it only works with the Thai baht and only in Thailand, so all trading resumes almost immediately – after re-checking the exchange system.

This is an important step for the legalization of Bitcoin in the world – that the Thai government first opposed cryptocurrency. We hope that the other is not very friendly digital currency of the country will follow the example of Thailand, but better – the example of California, there accept the amendment to the law that legalizes digital currency on the territory of California .

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